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Skin less than purrfect?

Struggling with unwanted hair?

Electrolysis works for everyone!

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Bikini & Intimate Areas

Body hair is nothing to be ashamed of, but if you’re someone who is tired of waxing, shaving, and dealing with ingrown hair in your most intimate areas, electrolysis offer precise, permanent hair removal!

Your bikini sessions will be performed professionally, respectfully, and confidentially in our private and sterile salon environment. Your comfort, trust, and privacy are paramount!

French Bikini, Brazilian, Brazilian, Hollywood, and bottom Surgery Prep - we can help you tidy up once and for all!

Also, we do work on men's genitals including around the penis, the perineum area, and the anus area. 

We ask that you book a free consultation with us before making an appointment for bikini work, so we can walk you through the process.


Underarms & Arms


If you love tank tops and strapless dresses but don’t enjoy the razor burn and skin irritation that often comes with shaving, electrolysis can eliminate your armpit fuzz permanently! We offer state-of the-art epilation technology along with numbing cream and/or numbing injections (administered by a nearby Physician Assistant) to ensure a comfortable experience. Get soft, smooth armpits that really last.


We are all about positivity and confidence when it comes to body hair, but if you have hairy arms as a woman, it can sometimes be a source of great angst! If you’re not ready to embrace it, electrolysis can help liberate you from it -- forever!

Legs, Feet & Toes


Tired of shaving? Did you know the average woman spends 72 days of her life shaving? You can, however, have beautifully smooth legs without nicked shins or kneecaps year round. Electrolysis hair removal is permanent, ensuring the hair on your legs will never grow back. Think about all the money you’ll save never having to buy razors again!

Feet & Toes

Do you love sandals and flip flops but endlessly battle hair on your toes and feet? It’s a common problem for many people. Electrolysis can permanently take care of that unwanted hair, especially in sensitive areas like the toes.

Torso / Body

Breast Area

Although they rarely talk about it, you may be surprised to learn that women of all ages suffer from unwanted breast hair. Electrolysis can permanently remove this embarrassing hair from any part of the breast, including the areola. Despite how sensitive the breast area can be, electrolysis is a different sensation and most women do not experience much discomfort.

Back & Nape

Back & nape (back of the neck) hair is notoriously patchy, coarse, itchy, and unattractive. It also hard to reach with a razor and hides the muscle definition many men work so hard to develop and maintain. Electrolysis can permanently remove even the prickliest and most wiry hair, leaving your back & nape completely smooth — from neck to shoulders to waist.


Thick chest hair is making a comeback, but it’s not for everyone. If you prefer a swimmer-smooth look, we can help you remove your pesky chest hair permanently and comfortably!


Unwanted abdomen hair affects both men and women. In women, “happy trails” of unwanted hair are common from the belly button to the pubic area. In men, when a neat vertical line starts to spread out sideways, it can become bothersome. Electrolysis can permanently remove or shape any type of abdominal hair.

Face, Ear & Neck


Hairlines that extend low on the forehead can be problematic. Electrolysis can permanently lift and shape your hairline, helping you put your best face forward.


Eyebrows are one of the facial features we most often asked about. Whether you prefer eyebrows that are thinner and arched OR thicker and fuller, electrolysis is unparalleled when it comes to permanently shaping your brows or forever removing a few bothersome stray hairs. Electrolysis is also a great way to finish up microblading and powder brows, as we can permanently remove any prickly hairs that fall outside your newly defined brow lines.

Chin & Neck

Many women experience hormonal changes and suddenly find themselves sprouting embarassing chin and neck hair. Electrolysis can safety and permanently remove even your most wild hairs, so you never have to think about them again!


Upper Lip

Mustaches — great for men but a facial feature most women do not welcome. We know the lip area can be sensitive (just ask anyone who has been waxed or tweezed). With modern electrolysis equipment and topical or injected anesthetic, we can work with you to eradicate your lip fuzz forever, while ensuring you have a comfortable experience.

Cheeks & Sideburns

From fine peach fuzz to a few stubborn stray hairs or even female sideburns (these are more common than you’d think), electrolysis can permanently clear the growth from these areas, leaving them forever softer and smoother.


Say goodbye to your unsightly ear hair! Electrolysis provides precise, permanent hair removal in a complicated area like the ear.


Nose hair is especially plaguing for men. In addition to nostril hair, men may also find hair growing at the tops and tips of their noses. This hair is difficult to treat, but with electrolysis, we can remove even the trickiest of unwanted hair.


Men’s beard hair can be stubborn and deeply rooted. Removing it while still maintaining your comfort requires a powerful and sophisticated epilator in the hands of a trained professional. With thousands of hours of experience, we use the best electrolysis equipment available in the market today — the Apilus 27mhz machine series. We can help you permanently shape or altogether remove your beard hair, so you never have to worry about shaving or shaping again!

KittyKat Prices:

New Clients 30 Minutes Free!

15 Minutes Electrolysis $35

30 Minutes Electrolysis $65

60 Minutes Electrolysis $120

90 Minutes Electrolysis $175

120 Minutes Electrolysis $110

180 Minutes Electrolysis $340

Also, we offer discounts for 5 and 10 hour packages and we have gift certificates available too!

We want you to have a Purrrrfect Day!


About Kat

Nice to meet meet you!  I'm Kat, and I'm a Licensed Electrologist (LE) in the state of California.

I received extensive training in the art of permanent hair removal at the prestigious California Academy of Electrology.  I completed over 600 hours of coursework and am passionate about stubborn toe hair, coarse bikini hair, and embarrassing facial hair, etc.

When I'm not busy running my skincare salon, I enjoy staying active and being outdoors in the Carlsbad sunshine with my family.

As a transgendered person, I truly understand the frustrations of unwanted hair!  I am supportive of ALL men and women in their desire to be the most beautiful and confident versions of themselves.

Whatever your hair issue, I have a comfortable, welcoming space waiting just for you, and I hope to meet you very soon!


Electrolysis, the only 100% permanent method of hair removal, is the solution you've been searching for!

Body areas we treat!

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