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Frequently Asked Questions

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Skin less than purrfect?

Struggling with unwanted hair?

Electrolysis works for everyone!

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Question: Does electrolysis hurt?

Answer: It really all depends. The machine, modality and operator play a factor. I purchased my machine specificially because it has a modality which is less painful. I also offer fast acting numbing cream to all clients.  If you don't have caffeine prior to your appointment and you take a couple ibuprofen, most clients find it mildly uncomfortable but not actually painful.  Certainly less painful than paying taxes :)

Question: How long does it take?

Answer: Each person and each area is different. It is difficult to determine without a free consultation how long the process will take. 

Question: Does my hair color or skin color matter?

Answer: You can have rainbow colored hair! Not a problem! We work on all skin colors and all hair colors. Since we zap each hair individually the coloring doesn't affect our effectiveness at all!

Question: Does the hair come back?

Answer: No, once the follicle can no longer produce hair, it will never produce hair again.  It truly is 100% permanent.

Question: Are there any areas that can't be worked on?

Answer: We don't go inside the body.  For example, we can do all areas of the ear except when it goes inside the ear canal.  But all other areas including genital, we work on.

Question: How long should the hair be?

Answer: Long enough to remove with tweezers after it is killed. So, at least 1/8" and preferably under 3/4" long.

KittyKat Prices:

New Clients 30 Minutes Free!

15 Minutes Electrolysis $35

30 Minutes Electrolysis $65

60 Minutes Electrolysis $120

90 Minutes Electrolysis $175

120 Minutes Electrolysis $110

180 Minutes Electrolysis $340

Also, we offer discounts for 5 and 10 hour packages and we have gift certificates available too!

We want you to have a Purrrrfect Day!


About Kat

Nice to meet meet you!  I'm Kat, and I'm a Licensed Electrologist (LE) in the state of California.

I received extensive training in the art of permanent hair removal at the prestigious California Academy of Electrology.  I completed over 600 hours of coursework and am passionate about stubborn toe hair, coarse bikini hair, and embarrassing facial hair, etc.

When I'm not busy running my skincare salon, I enjoy staying active and being outdoors in the Carlsbad sunshine with my family.

As a transgendered person, I truly understand the frustrations of unwanted hair!  I am supportive of ALL men and women in their desire to be the most beautiful and confident versions of themselves.

Whatever your hair issue, I have a comfortable, welcoming space waiting just for you, and I hope to meet you very soon!


Electrolysis, the only 100% permanent method of hair removal, is the solution you've been searching for!

Body areas we treat!

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